Coffee in Paris: Le Peloton Café

Le Peloton Café is located close to the Seine with plenty of shopping around.  The most distinctive aspect of this shop is their English-ness. The menu is in English and everyone (employees and customers alike) seem to speak English.  If you're tired of racking your brain to put together a simple French sentence then this is your haven, my friend.

They serve coutume coffee (as seen HERE) and pull their shots on a Marzocco (if that matters to you). The coffee is so good. I haven't tried them yet, but their waffles are well touted on instagram. Make sure you bring cash.

Sticky Situation

I can't believe it's already been a year since I was enjoying home made sticky buns and waiting for my little bun in the oven to arrive (#bonjourbebedeux). About a month (or two) before she was born, I went through a crazy (like crazy!) baking phase. It didn't help that I had checked out both of Joanne Chang's cookbooks- FLOUR and FLOUR TOO.  Amazing.  I literally wanted to bake everything.

Snow Covered Paris

You can't tell anymore, but last week Paris was covered in beautiful white, fluffy snow. My New England heart (that's right, I'm claiming to be a New Englander now) was leaping for joy. I took close to ...I don't know. Like a ba-jillion photos.  I finally got around to editing some of them.  And now I'm posting them for you. and! writing this blog post. yay! (go me)!

French Class

I really enjoyed an exercise we did today in my French class.  We watched this adorable video and then had to name the family members as well as describe what they were doing.  Elementary level stuff, but it was challenging for us- and fun too.



Coffee in Paris: Boot Café