Sticky Situation

I can't believe it's already been a year since I was enjoying home made sticky buns and waiting for my little bun in the oven to arrive (#bonjourbebedeux). About a month (or two) before she was born, I went through a crazy (like crazy!) baking phase. It didn't help that I had checked out both of Joanne Chang's cookbooks- FLOUR and FLOUR TOO.  Amazing.  I literally wanted to bake everything.

Recently, I've been missing snow and New England and George Howell decaf coffee and Flour bakery being within walking distance. Don't get me wrong, I'm also very content where I am....except I'd really like my kids to stop getting sick and to sleep again (...please, please tell me they'll sleep again). But thanks to the internet, I don't have to miss these sticky buns! The recipe is posted all over the place and was Joanne Chang's original claim to fame. Here's the LINK to her recipe and also a youtube video about Joanne and her sticky buns because I'm a nerdy, foodie fan girl like that.  Go. Bake. Be happy.



(ps. I need help with a new sign off...i don't do the bisous yet- except in emoji form- so that's out.  Cheers is a British thing, which I like- but I'm not...any thoughts? Thank you, thank you.)

((pps. I can't make it work here in France. waahh. but you should look up Joanne Chang/Bobby Flay thrown down on food network)).

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