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Finding France at Trader Joe's

My husband and I always stop at Trader Joe's when we're in the DFW area and this time I had my eye out for everything French. They had a wide selection of cheeses and wines, and a few other odds and ends that took me back to Paris.

Olive Wood Cutting/Serving Board | $12.99 Small or $29.99 Large

A serving board is quintessential for aperos in France. Rather than having a long formal dinner together, friends will casually gather together for snacks. Apparently these are making quite a splash in the Trader Joe's fan club. Get one if you can!

Orange Blossom Liquid Soap

My favorite scent and flavor in France is orange blossom and I can't understand why it isn't wide spread in America! I love that this soap is actually imported from southern France...Marseilles perhaps?

French Wines

Trader Joe's has a wide selection of French wines with varying price points, but most are very affordable, ranging from $7-20.

Mini Carrot Cakes

I see you raising your eyebrows at me. Carrot cakes may seem American...and they are, but really it's no wonder why the French love them, too! They're often on the menu at coffee shops and restaurants.

Pain au Lait

This is a sweet bread that children (and some parents) will eat after school for "gouter" or snack.

Cocoa Almond Spread

Nutella is to France as peanut butter is to America. I'm sure this cocoa almond spread is healthier than the aforementioned stuff...and if it's not. Oh well!

Croissants and croissants and croissants, oh my!

My friend, if you try nothing else from this blog post, you must at least try these! TJs frozen croissants are one of my all-time favorite things (in America). Leave them out overnight to proof and then you'll have warm, flaky croissants in the morning. We always get the chocolate ones, but the almond are quite good, too. They're not as good as being in Paris, but we'll take what we can get. Paris aside, they're very good.


Even Picard, the frozen food store in France, has it's own version of frozen macarons. You can pretend you're shopping at Picard instead of TJ's and feel instantly transported to Paris.


What is a picnic or apero without cornichons?

Whole Grain Dijon Mustard

The French love their mustards! This is one of my favorites from TJS.

Herbes de Provence Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Imagine putting a few glugs of this over a salad, pasta, or chicken. 


Maybe it's because Parisians need the extra vitamin D, but there are loads of different types of Sardines and other canned fish in Paris. During the first lockdown in France I discovered that you can make a pretty tasty sandwich with these. Try focaccia bread with a smear of pesto or a generous amount of butter, some sliced radishes, and plenty of flaky sea salt.

Creme Fraiche

A staple in every French kitchen. (And so much better than sour cream IMO!)

French Cheeses

Ooooo, my favorite! If you're wondering where you can find French cheeses, look no further my friend. Trader Joe's carries a large variety and some of the most common cheeses you'll find at a French grocery store including Camembert, Comté, and bien sûr! Brie. 

If you're like me and always craving something French, I highly recommend checking out Trader Joe's when you get a chance. They have great prices and their quality is on point. 


How to Eat Breakfast Like a Parisian

Have you ever wondered, "what is a typical breakfast in France"?

Bonjour Katrina Weekend Reading #2

This week, my sister-in-law took pictures of my family for our holiday cards. This is the first time we've ever sent out a card, and I'm not sure I'll do it again. But since we've literally had an ocean between us and our friends for the last few years and are now living through a global pandemic, I really wanted to send out something to show everyone we're still here and we're thinking of them. Besides that, I'm just trying to keep anxiety levels low and enjoy the season. We've started some new traditions to establish a few set times of joy: hot chocolate on Saturday mornings and/or days it snows, cinnamon rolls (from a can) every Sunday, and driving through neighborhoods to look at the lights on the weekend (easy dinner or drive-thru dinner in the car). What are some traditions you have for this time of the year? and How are you maintaining joy in this season of life? Asking for a friend ;)

Here are a few links that I'm enjoying at the moment.

Bisous xoxo,


A Francophile Holiday Gift Guide

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

Oh the frenzy of the season! I try my best not to stress out because this is a time that is supposed to be filled with joy! and shouldn't result in our having a nervous break down, not to mention our bank accounts completely drained. But at the same time, there is something special about giving a gift to someone and seeing their face when it's something they really like...I've definitely seen the face of a gift received that was not liked. ha! So here's my little contribution to those who are looking to gift something to a French-loving friend or family member. None of these are affiliate links, but are things that I may have owned already or just simply love. And remember, your friends and family love you. Sometimes a home cooked meal or heart-felt letter will do just fine. Happy holidays, everyone. Bisous.