Coffee in Paris: Boot Café

Located in a lovely neighborhood, Boot Café has become a new emblem in the city of light, and a Parisian hipsters dream come true.  It's beautiful blue facade reads "Cordonnerie"- a place where (leather) shoes are made or repaired. The name Boot Café suddenly seems so appropriate.

If you're hoping to set up for the day with your laptop and get your work/study on- forget about it. This place is tiny and is best for chatting with friends.  

There's one table to your left that could fit about 3 people and two tables to the right that miiiiiight fit 2 people each.  Straight in front of you is the bar.  Best to order and wait outside for your (super delish) coffee if the place is full- don't smack someone with your bag as you do a 180 to go out the door.  I love that they have extended window sills for those enjoying their coffee in the elements (myself and a couple others had our coffee with a light mist to accompany us).  

Are you a coffee lover? Would you enjoy walking through a beautiful Parisian neighborhood? If you're planning on visiting Paris soon, you might want to add this Instagram-worthy shop to your check list.



BOOT CAFE 3eme Arrondissement
19 Rue du Pont aux Choux
Paris, France 75003

+33 06 26 41 10 66

M-Sun 10Am- 6PM

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