Bonjour Katrina Weekend Reading #2

This week, my sister-in-law took pictures of my family for our holiday cards. This is the first time we've ever sent out a card, and I'm not sure I'll do it again. But since we've literally had an ocean between us and our friends for the last few years and are now living through a global pandemic, I really wanted to send out something to show everyone we're still here and we're thinking of them. Besides that, I'm just trying to keep anxiety levels low and enjoy the season. We've started some new traditions to establish a few set times of joy: hot chocolate on Saturday mornings and/or days it snows, cinnamon rolls (from a can) every Sunday, and driving through neighborhoods to look at the lights on the weekend (easy dinner or drive-thru dinner in the car). What are some traditions you have for this time of the year? and How are you maintaining joy in this season of life? Asking for a friend ;)

Here are a few links that I'm enjoying at the moment.

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1) Time to get into the season of baking! 

Is there anything better than the smell of butter and sugar melding together in a warm oven?? Last year we made these Sugar Cookies and Royal Icing by Alison Roman.

2) Have fun decorating gingerbread houses 

...without breaking the bank or having to spend too much time baking/collecting ingredients for the event. I bought a couple of these cute pre-made houses. They also have some at Target.

3) Never feel bad about your gift-giving again reading this hilarious account of Pearl the Mermaid.

4) One Voice Children's Choir sings this beautiful rendition of Memories by Maroon 5 

I don't know if it's  because children are singing the song or if I'm just extra sensitive this year, but I definitely cried...not in a bad way.

5) Make snowflakes together 

YouTube has a million videos on how to make snowflakes, both easy and extravagant. It makes home feel even more homey.

6) Did you know skinny jeans are apparently out?? 

I'm not one to generally follow trends, but I bought these jeans this week and my legs are so happy with that decision.

7) I added a little cheer to my mantle 

...with this sweet wooden twinkle light garland.

8) Did you know December 26th is Thank You Note Day? 

Even if you don't celebrate Christmas, it's sweet to write letters to those you love to let them know you're thankful for them. Here's some cards I found on Etsy that you might like.

B/W Thank You Cards | Beyond Grateful | Woodland Animals | Boom Manners | Personalized Stationary  

9) I found 100 Days of Grateful

You know how it goes scrolling through Etsy. What if we started 365 days of Grateful? I think I've found a new tradition for next year.

10) I jumped on the bandwagon and tried Glossier for the first time

I bought a kit with cherry balm dotcom, boy brow (brown), cloud paint (storm), and Haloscope (quartz). I probably wouldn't buy the lip balm again, but I like all of the other items. It's no frills in that it doesn't really look like I'm wearing makeup (which I LOVE, and which also happens to be very French imo). The only downside is that it's a little pricey, so if you're interested in trying it out at a discount, here's my referral for 10% off.

**None of the above are affiliate links, but I do get a discount on my next makeup order should you use my referral link for Glossier**

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