joyeux anniversaire

Yesterday was my birthday. My 31st birthday, actually. This is usually my "happy new year"--meaning, this is the time of the year when I reflect on the previous year's growth as well as the downfalls, and I look forward to the year ahead with the exciting potential it holds. I also try to make a list of things I would like to accomplish- big or small: drink x cups of water, read x number of books, call my parents more often, etc...

Last year went by so blindingly fast I hardly had the time to think about making or accomplishing goals. The only goal I've had from day-to-day is making it to the next one. Is that terrible?  Sometimes I think so, but on the other hand I'm ok with it.  30 was a crazy year. A great year.  But man, oh, man. I'm ready to slow down the pace and breathe.  So that's what my hopes are for year 31.  Taking it slow. Breathing in each moment. Enjoying my babies while they're babies. Loving the life my husband and I have. Not striving for vanities. Just living & enjoying.

Coffee in Paris: Café Mericourt

Café Mericourt serves good specialty coffee, including filtered coffee {pour over} which is apparently a sign that experts are serving your cup a joe.  It's a fairly roomy cafe with plenty of greenery to satisfy the bohemian heart, but their main draw is their groovy brunch menu.

Coffee in Paris: Hexagone Café

Hexagone Café is a specialty coffee shop and a torréfacteur (coffee roaster). I walked to Hexagone by myself (a super special treat) on a Sunday.  The coffee was good, but honestly my favorite thing about the experience was that it was open!  Most of Paris seems to shut down on Sundays.

Crêpe Complet

We have a great little crepe stand across the street from our apartment, but seeing as how crepes have become a weekly craving for us, I decided it was time to learn how to make them.  And they're so easy! Our favorite crepe is the "crêpe complet"- it has ham, cheese, mushrooms and an egg. My husband closely observed the crepe man's technique, brought home what he learned, and is now a pro crepe maker (I love it when he adds something to his arsenal of things he can cook)!