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California to Paris

Oh to travel with your girlfriends. I really wish I had planned to do something like this with my friends when I was in college...there was that one time I took a trip to Southern California, but that kind of seems like nothing compared to a trip to Europe with your besties!  What a dream. I love these photos and how you almost feel like you've stepped back in time...minus the combat boots of course ;)

Where to Get Donuts in Paris

Last year, for the 4th of July, my family and I did the most American thing we could think to do in Paris: We went out for gourmet donuts to the ONLY place, in the entire city, that has decent donuts. I'm not being overly dramatic.  And if anyone knows of another decent donut shop; please, oh, please, oh, please do tell!

le futur simple

uggggh. Conjugation.  I thought I was done with conjugating verbs after I quit taking Spanish my freshman year of HIGH SCHOOL. but here we are again.  In another language. In another country...which, honestly, makes it way more motivating for me to learn them.  It's now a necessity. Though certainly not any less..."makes-me-wanna-bang-my-head-against-a-wall"...ing.

Sunflower Wedding

Earlier this fall, my family and I were happy to attend the wedding of two very sweet friends.  We needed to come back to the States to apply for a new visa and were glad to hear they would be getting married while we were in the country.  Their wedding also gave us another reason, among many, to visit the Boston area- our home for 6 years before we moved to Paris.