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Boulangerie: Le Boulanger de la Tour

Today I walked to my dentist's office (happy to report no cavities or other problems), and since I was in the neighborhood I popped over to the river.

Coffee in Paris: Jozi Café

This is a very overdue coffee shop post. Jozi Cafe has been open for about two years and has really blossomed in that time. It's become a go-to spot for my husband and myself, and is located about halfway down a street between the Pantheon and Marché Maubert (where you will find the BEST CROISSANT) in Paris.

DIY Maternity Shoot

I would really love to hire a professional photographer to take maternity and newborn photos for us  because I appreciate having someone with an artistic eye behind the camera. Unfortunately, it's not in our budget, but back in July I rented a nice camera for a friend's wedding.  Since I didn't have to return it for a couple of days, I asked my husband to take some pictures of me and then we set a self timer and took pictures of ourselves for a DIY maternity shoot.  I think he/we did pretty well.

Coffee in Paris: Lou Lou