A Must-Visit Old World Restaurant in the Heart of Paris

Back in February of 2020, before the pandemic had taken hold of the world, my husband and I were lucky enough to go out on a very charming date with a newborn in tow. I had heard about Le Quincy somewhere on the interwebs and had put it on my Paris bucket list a year or two before we finally visited (and I'm so glad we went when we did!). This quaint restaurant is located in the 12th arrondissement of Paris, just a few streets away from the colorful Rue Cremieux. Walking inside suddenly transports you from the streets of Paris to an old-world French countryside home.

The owner of the restaurant must be in his 90s and insists on serving his clientele. The evening starts off with an "amuse bouche," or a small, complimentary appetizer. In this case, you are served from a very nice selection of cured sausages. We also ordered a terrine and they brought out the entire family style dish for the two of us to enjoy as much as we would like.

- "Did you see the Margot?" - "Who cares! I went to Le Quincy!"

Our cute third wheel.

Afterward, we ordered our main dishes, which were the pot au feu and blanquette de veau. Both are traditional French dishes and are wonderful on a cool evening.

For dessert, we ordered the chocolate mousse and were once again brought an entire family size bowl, of chocolate mousse this time, to choose our own serving size, as well as left with a tin of cookies to enjoy.

This poster was in the bathroom and I'm wondering where I can get a copy. 

"The Widower"

Here's my debut youtube video to give you more of a taste of the evening.

Overall, the night was just lovely, even with our little third wheel. If you're looking for traditional French food with a nice ambiance, I highly recommend visiting Le Quincy. Make sure you call ahead to make a reservation, and stop at an ATM as it's cash only.

28 Av. Ledru Rollin, 75012 Paris, France
Cash Only

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 12-2PM, 7-10PM
Wednesday: 12-2PM, 7-10PM
Thursday: 12-2PM, 7-10PM
Friday: Closed
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed

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