A Long Break

Hello, Dear Friend. Long time no see. This is a little catch up post. The last few months (since the beginning of February) has been a physically trying time for me, so this little blog had to take a back seat. My husband and I recently took our first ever trip without our children, and I'm feeling energized to the point that I'm actually looking through beloved cookbooks and dog-tagging pages to try some new recipes. This is what renewed energy looks like for me.

One of my main health issues the last few months has to do with my Thyroid, so I've been switching out a lot of hormone-disrupting beauty products for "clean" beauty products. My favorites so far have been Little Seed Farm's Facial Serums, Native deodorant, Beauty Counter Cocoboost Moisturizer (I combine the little seed serums with a dab of this), and Axiology Balmies. A runner up is glossier's boy brow and brow flick, but I'm not sure how high they rate on the clean beauty spectrum.

I've been in need of laughter and lightness and I came across a comedian named Nate Bargatze on Netflix. He has two full stand-up features on Netflix, but I recommend watching his short 30-minute bit on the show called The Standups. He's the very first episode, and frankly the only one worth watching IMO. If you like to laugh, this is a must see.

I've also just finished reading Agatha Christie's Murder on the Orient Express. This is my second Agatha Christie novel, and I love that they're short, thrilling (but not stress you out thrilling), and not a gruesome kind of murder mystery. For a busy mama, they're perfect because I can actually get through them at a decent pace.

Other than that, I've been in full-throttle, plan-out-this-summer-to-keep-the-kids-occupied mode. I'm planning to implement "mom bucks" for the first time ever and I really hope my kids get into it. I've also started pinning a million things on my Summer Pinterest Board and hope to do at least a few of all the fun and ambitious things that are currently inspiring me. 

French learning will also be on the menu for my kids this summer. Here's a children's French playlist if you'd like to accustom your kids' ears to the sound of the French language too.

Happy summer planning, friends! I hope it's a bajillion times better than last summer. 



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