Must-Have Baby Items for Getting Around Paris

Unless you're moving to Paris from New York or London, you'll likely go from being a person who was used to driving everywhere, to someone who has to walk everywhere. Not an easy task with multiple children. These are the items that I couldn't have lived without from day to day.

A Baby Carrier

I've always worn my babies, even when I had just one, but after moving to Paris and having to travel the city by foot— including taking the metro, buses, several flights of stairs, and walking down cobbled streets, I was extra happy to have one. If you have more than one child, getting a baby carrier to traverse the city will make your life so much easier.

Ergobaby 360

This is a newer version from what I had, but I loved my ergobaby carrier. You can also buy an infant insert so you can carry them around starting day 1.

Baby K'tan

I used this baby carrier when my babies were newborn to about 3 or 4 months old. It's lightweight, very easy to put on, and can easily be stored in a diaper bag.

Tula Baby Carrier

Some mamas in Europe really like this one. I can't vouch for it myself, but whatever brand you decide to go with, do yourself a favor and just get one.

A Small Stroller

Baby Zen Yoyo+ Stroller

The Baby Zen Yoyo is quintessential to motherhood in Paris. It folds up so compact that it can fit into the overhead storage bin when you fly. It also folds quickly, is incredibly lightweight, and you'll never have a problem maneuvering through stores or on public transportation. I wouldn't call it a great all-terrain stroller, but we still managed to do fine on gravel paths and grass. There is an option for a 0-6 month bassinet, but I think it's unnecessary. It's the most expensive stroller we've ever owned, but it was well worth the price. 

Baby Zen Yoyo+ Stroller Board

This is great if you have two children and one of them is old enough to stand on this push board. It's a little awkward pushing the stroller, but you get used to it. For us, it was indispensible.

Maclaren Umbrella Stroller

If the Yoyo is outside of your budget, I would say that you at least need an umbrella stroller. Something that isn't heavy and that you can fold easily. Although we didn't have it in Paris, we own a Maclaren and have been very happy with it.

Rain Cover

Universal Rain Cover

The weather in Paris is shockingly dreary and wet, so you'll need something to keep your baby dry. The Yoyo stroller comes with a rain cover, but ours bit the dust after a year or so. They're expensive to replace, so a universal rain cover works fine at less than half the price. 

Baby Zen Yoyo Rain Cover

If you're an on-brand person, the yoyo rain cover works really well for the yoyo.

Other Items

Multi-purpose Stroller Hooks

Trust me, you need these! While I certainly wouldn't hang my purse on these hooks with my wallet inside, you'll be thankful to have an extra arm or two when you need to run out with the kids to pick up bread, or whatever it is you're picking up.

Micro-Mini Scooter

This was perfect after my daughter was old enough to sit up on her own in the stroller, and my son could scoot along beside me on this. I would usually take the yoyo scooter board attachment as well, but this was nice to give me a break from pushing two kids around the city. If my son decided he was done with the scooter, it can actually be balanced on the yoyo by the handle bars.

I posted this picture a couple months after moving to Paris. It couldn't be more true, but bon courage to you if you're taking the plunge! Even if you're just going for a visit, these items will help make your visit easier.

Gros Bisous!


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