10 Ways to Get Your Home Ready for Fall (and Make it French!)

Photo by Alex Sawyer on Unsplash

As the weather starts to cool, I find myself longing to walk through Luxembourg gardens to watch the leaves and the beautiful flower beds change with the season. While scrolling through instagram brings me joy at seeing my friends go on with their lives in Paris, I also experience a little pang of missing. Fall has always been one of my favorite seasons and I want it to be filled with joy, so this year, I'm bringing in some French inspiration. Here I've collected 10 things to help your home feel more French, too.

These product selections are curated by me, and if you buy something through my links, I may earn an affiliate comission, at no cost to you. I only recommend products I would buy (and have bought!) for myself.

1. Copper French Press

Nothing quite says French like copper accents in the kitchen.  While you might not be able to drop a few hundred on a new copper pot or pan, this beautiful french press is worth the minor splurge and will get your morning started with an "oh-la-la"!

2. French Market Bags

One thing I loved about living in Paris is that no matter what the weather, the outdoor markets WILL be open. You can use these at your local farmer's market and pretend you're walking around the Latin quarter, or use them at your regular grocery store to save on the plastic bags. They're also great to hang on a hook in your kitchen for extra storage. I love throwing my mesh bag into whatever I'm carrying around that day, just in case.

3. Mariage Freres Tea

This is another splurge item. It comes from Paris, tastes so good, and each serving of tea is wrapped in a nice muslin cloth. If you have any tea lovers in your life, this would make an excellent gift. Bonus points if they also love France.

4. Hot Chocolate

Paris + cool weather = indulgent cup of hot chocolate.  Go ahead, you deserve it.

5. French Style Blankets

Cozying up on the couch just got a whole lot more "je ne sais quoi". Ok, I do know. "Confortable." Add a French movie to make it all the more Parisian.

6. Candles

In Paris, the fall and winter months bring late sunrises and very early sunsets. Natural, soft lighting is an essential to make the dark months a little more cheerful.  I adore this candle made by PF Candle Co which is similar to the Dyptique scent, "Ambre".

7. Honey Spice Bread (Pain d'Epices)

If fall could be baked up and made into bread form, I think pain d'epices would be just that. Bake your own and your home will be filled with the smells of cinnamon, allspice, ginger and nutmeg *yum*. It's more of a bread than a cake and can be toasted and then slathered with butter & jam, or topped with a fried egg. Why not? There's a really nice recipe in this cookbook by David Lebovitz, or you can find a different pain d'epices recipe that he wrote here.

8. Sheep Skin Rug

Most floors in Paris are either wood or tile, and unless they have coils installed underneath them, they are cold! This sheep skin rug is cozy, stylish, and the perfect addition to a home that wants a little Parisian inspiration.

9. Plant Urns


While we may not be able to travel to the Jardin du Luxembourg or take a stroll through the Tuilleries this fall, we can bring a little bit of those French gardens into our homes. Plant urns are a staple in both of the iconic French gardens and will automatically give your home an air of Frenchiness. 

10. Picnic Blanket

Before the weather gets too wet and cold, get outside and enjoy a fall picnic! It's really the perfect time of the year for it and a great way to enjoy company while also social distancing. I'll put together another post in the future on how to picnic like a Parisian.

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  1. Kat! This was a lovely read! Pain d’epices and hot chocolate sound like the chilly afternoon snack I need in my life!

    1. I agree! I think I'll be making some this weekend xoxo