Coffee in Paris: Lou Lou

I can't believe it's been so long ago since we stumbled upon this cafe.  We had more or less just landed in Paris and were beginning to look for an apartment. We still had the idea that Paris mostly served horrible coffee that might taste like, I don't know, something you would scrape off the bottom of your shoe.  Pretty bad. One day my husband walked by and saw this cafe had a La Marzocco espresso machine and figured it must be pretty good.

We popped in another day with our two kiddos and were given the royal treatment by being shown to a nice and comfortable leather couch and chairs.  The staff was incredibly friendly and spoke English! to my ears at the time. We had a delightful coffee and decided to bring our visiting friends here if they wanted something yummy to eat and a good coffee (albeit a bit pricey).

I think their menu is quite catered to Americans with their acai bowls, thick cut bacon, french fries and burgers.  I love that they're open late, on the off chance that my husband and I can actually go out on a date together.  Coffee is good, staff is friendly and their decor is ON point! Also, they have a baby changing table in their fancy bathroom, y'all. It's a miracle.  A haven.

LouLou Friendly Diner
5eme Arrondissement

Monday-Sunday 8AM-10:30pm
Saturday 8AM-11pm
01 46 34 86 64

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