Where to Get Donuts in Paris

Last year, for the 4th of July, my family and I did the most American thing we could think to do in Paris: We went out for gourmet donuts to the ONLY place, in the entire city, that has decent donuts. I'm not being overly dramatic.  And if anyone knows of another decent donut shop; please, oh, please, oh, please do tell!

I'm posting this today because I probably saw a donut on instagram and it put an intense craving in me for donuts.

They're about 3.50e a pop, but worth it when you've been deprived of good ol' (kind of) American style donuts. And it's a special treat for kids and parents alike. What's the best donut you've ever had?? I'll tell you mine, if you tell me yours!

Tues- Fri 8h30-18h*
Sat 10h-18h*
Sun & Mon Closed
*Hours as long as supplies last

77 rue d'Aboukir
75002 Paris, France

+33 (0) 1 45 08 84 02


  1. Haven't had a donut in a long time. Dunkin' donut holes are a yummy treat now and then. Their entire donut isn't as good for some reason. Not many other donut places in Boston. My Arlington daughters all like Shipley's which surprised me as we were always fans of the ones that melt in your mouth by Krispy Kreme. Great pics! I love seeing Turner growing and Elis glowing! That donut mug is priceless!

    1. oh yum! i love donut holes! they remind me so much of my childhood. If you haven't yet, you try out a donut from union square donuts; to me, they're the best in Boston!

  2. I am hugely fascinated by this!!! Why aren't there a ton of [good] doughnut places in Paris? When I read that, my brain sort of went, "Ohhh yeah that makes sense," and then immediately followed up with, "Wait. Why does that make sense?" Other pastries are so plentiful, no one bothered to get into doughnut? I am genuinely asking. This is fascinating. Also, now I am curious why that one shop *is* a doughnut shop. What set them apart? Why doughnuts? How did they learn to make them better than the other guys? (Sidebar: if you are looking to write a children's book, I think you have one here.)

    The best doughnut I ever had was the last doughnut I had. Hahaha that's not me being witty or a truism or anything. It just happens to be the case. Lol. Anyway. It was an Eggs Benedict doughnut from Sidecar Doughnuts in Newport Beach, CA. It was literally Eggs Benedict inside a doughnut, and it was
    i n c r e d i b l e.

    1. ohmygoodness, that sounds amazing! the donuts from sidecar donuts are by far the best i've EVER had...except for the blueberry cake donuts from the Slaton Bakery (i'm not sure if simply the donut or the sweet taste of nostalgia that I think is so great). but if you end up in the lubbock area, you should pop in on a friday/saturday to get some!