Coffee in Paris: Numéro 220

Apparently the coffee culture in Paris has radically changed in the last 10 years.  Before moving here I read David Lebovitz's book, "The Sweet Life in Paris", and when I came across the chapter on coffee (my favorite chapter--duh), I was shocked to hear that the coffee in France is horrible.  Living in Boston for 6 years had spoiled me with the very best coffees, but at least now I was prepared.  "Ok. I'll just have to switch to tea," I thought.

To my overwhelming surprise, I arrived and found more specialty coffee shops than I could find the time to visit in even a year. When I say "specialty" coffee shop, I mean the coffee shop serves a great, usually in house, or locally roasted coffee, and consistently  pulls an excellent shot.  I've found they almost universally use a Marzocco espresso machine.

In Paris, most of the specialty shops are on the right bank or "rive droite", but there are few on the left bank and they're well worth visiting.  If you follow me on instagram you've probably seen that I've been to Numéro 220 a few times.  This is one you should visit if you're on the left bank.

They serve vegetarian food, and although I'm not a vegetarian I really enjoyed their lunch choices.

They also have beautiful desserts.

Along with the good food and coffee, you'll find an incredibly friendly staff.  You'll walk in a stranger and by the time you leave, you'll feel like you've made life long friends. I don't know how you feel, but good coffee + healthy food (that my kids will actually eat!) + a friendly staff makes this place a haven.  The coffee shop is only a 3 minute walk away from Luxembourg Gardens, so make sure to pop in during your visit. 

NUMERO 220 5eme Arrondissement

M-F 8:30AM-6PM
SAT 10:30AM-5PM
SUN Closed

Phone:  06 66 93 58 71

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