Birthday at the Park

A couple of days ago we spent the afternoon celebrating my husband's birthday at our favorite park. We saw a wild chicken (not pictured), ate some of our favorite food- fresh baguette, white truffle saucisson, various marks and spencer goodies, and enjoyed breathing in some fresh air.  THIS park is the best because there are times you feel like it's your own, private garden.

This guy tried to crash our picnic.

I've been trying to eat less sugar, and the recipe for these chocolate whoopie pies came from Joanne Chang's cookbook, Baking with Less Sugar. The recipes have less sugar, but they're no less enticing.

Oops.  Lost my footing.  Luckily, the camera(s) were ok.

Hunting for frogs.

We were too early for the peonies the last time we came, and this time we were too late for the roses. Hopefully we'll catch one or both next year.

Do you have any special birthday traditions?  I think a trip to the park might be one in the making for us.


  1. Loved spending the day with y'all through these lovely pics. Happy Birthday Whitney! Cathy