Ice Cream in Paris

Let me tell you about the best ice cream I've had in Paris.  But before that let me tell you that I'm trying to act like a "real blogger" by watermarking my photos.  You have no idea how old and inept doing such a simple task made me feel.  I searched youtube for "how to turn text into a photoshop brush," and was taught by a boy who sounded no older than 8 how to accomplish said searched thing. So here they are!  My horribly watermarked pictures! haha!

A super underexposed photo that I thought turned out cool and retro looking.

I meant to do what those ladies are doing! But then we ate all of our ice cream.

So about the ice cream.  If you follow me on instagram you probably saw my post about this flavor-- it was incredible.  The salted butter caramel from Bertillon Glacier is a must try.  I don't even like caramel much compared with chocolate...or even vanilla, but it was so so good. Please skip the rum raisin, unless you really enjoy the flavor of...well, rum. I obviously didn't know what rum tasted tastes like nail polish remover in case you, too, are wondering.

There's also a park nearby- your ice cream won't make it there, but at least your kids can run around after you've sufficiently loaded them up on sugar.

To avoid a long wait, go before dinner--i think we arrived around 5pm and stood in line for about 10 minutes (dessert before dinner is the best anyway). 

So what about you? What's the best ice cream you've ever had?


  1. i am not normally a salted caramel fan, but i am now prepared to come to paris to give it a try (would i have come for basically any other reason, too? yes.) so the best ice cream i ever had was blueberry ice cream in rockport, ma. it was in the touristy part on the wharf (which is super cute and touristy for every good reason) in a little ice cream shack that was also super cute. i chose the blueberry flavor because it seemed fitting--blueberries in new england, etc--and not because i normally choose blueberry ice cream. i don't think i expected anything special--i mean, i assumed it'd be good, but... it was A M A Z I N G. that was ten years ago, and honestly, i still think about it and wish i could have more.

    1. Oh wow. Sounds incredible. Lucky for me, I'll be in the Boston area in September, so I might have to scope out some blueberry ice cream! How is it that I lived there for 6 years and never tried least none that left an impression?..