Coffee in Paris: La Compagnie du Café

I never make it to Montmartre, but I'm so glad that my husband and I ventured there a few mornings ago. Not only can you get a good coffee, but you can get an education in interior design and parisian style.

La Compagnie du Café roasts their own coffee, and from what I gathered (or rather, what my husband gathered) they only serve it in house.  To be honest, I wasn't totally pleased with my coffee- it was a little too acidic (sour) for my taste, but maybe my palate needs refining. I didn't care that the coffee wasn't perfect though, because the coffee shop was. There are two blue, velvet chairs in a little nook that are the envy of the whole place, but I didn't get a good shot of it so you'll have to visit to see yourself (or google it, perhaps).

Lately I've been trying to drink less caffeine and had been on decaf for about 4 days when we visited this shop.  While I was taking pictures, my hands were super shaky, and a good number of my photos came out blurry. boo. But honestly, I'm just glad I got pictures of these super chic baristas.  I'm inspired. I think I'll have to start writing fashion posts. What do you think?

La Compagnie du Café 9th Arrondissement
19, rue Notre Dame de Lorette – 75009 Paris
Sat 9AM-7PM
Sun 11AM-4PM

P.S. Montmartre is the place to be if you're looking for good food. From what I could tell, every restaurant is bringing their A game.  The interiors and menus look amazing- my husband and I walked past a couple of places that we're definitely planning to return to.  I give this coffee shop a thumbs up for roasting their own brew, having a great location, and fabulous aesthetics.

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