Market Days

I really like the idea of an outdoor Parisian market.  Don't you have the most romantic thoughts about shopping at one?  You take your cute little straw basket and wear your Frenchiest outfit, and when you arrive, you ask Pierre, the vegetable vendor, which tomatoes are his best and which region did the artichokes come from? Walking down a few stalls, you find Elouise and talk about your week- how wonderfully your children are getting on with the other children at school.  Then you ask her  which cheese she would recommend for the little fĂȘte you're having this coming weekend.  After picking up your fresh vegetables, cheese and charcuterie, you head to the bakery whose delicious aromas have been calling you since you arrived....

Yes, very romantic.  But I've only been to one market so far and it was just to take these pictures.  Then one of the vendors said something snarky to me (that I didn't understand) because I was just taking pictures.  That's fine. It was true.

I'll just keep dreaming about doing all of my grocery shopping at one of these markets every week instead of going to carrefour.  Dream with me.

Hope you're having a lovely week!




  1. Your idea of the market is mine, too--it's also how I imagine French people live all the time. hehe.

    1. Maybe it is? But they must go to different markets than the ones I've been to. I once spent 14 euros on some strawberries and raspberries...not a lot either. Someday, I won't be a tourist living in Paris. ha

    2. hahah! that is me at every fancy market or even grocery store! also-- i really really like this utterance "a tourist living in Paris." very poetic.