Flea Market

While my in-laws were in town, we took a trip to Normandie, and while there, stopped at a brocante during one of our "nothing-planned-for-today" days.  I was expecting to go to another brocante, or flea market, while they were here because my belle-mére (mother-in-law: literally means pretty  mother) and I love that kind of thing.  Shuffling through old stuff for hours?? yes, please!

This particular flea market was kind of "eh."  I did pass up a few things I wish I could go back for- a set of 5 light pink glasses, a big gold frame, a beautiful linen table cloth with matching napkins (and only for 10 euros!), and this fancy molding you can install on your ceiling to make it look like THIS.

We somehow never made it to another brocante, and I didn't take many photos- I was feeling  sheepish about taking them ever since my experience at the market. Oh well.  At least I can hold in my memory the 50 cent crepes, the sausages we had for lunch, and the french fries we didn't finish.

What about you?  are you a flea market lover? What do you dream of taking home from a french brocante?

a bientôt (see you soon)!