Coffee in Paris: Café Kitsuné

I hadn't visited Café Kitsuné because it seemed like it was in a touristy area and probably wouldn't be good, but when my family and I went to Palais Royale a few weeks ago, we decided we needed a good coffee (as we often do).  I had this place bookmarked on google maps, so off we went.  We entered the coffee shop through the back door- frowned upon, but the baristas were gracious and let us come in. 

It's hard to go wrong with an iced latte, and they didn't.  So if you find yourself near Palais Royale this summer and need a decent coffee, this is a good, convenient stop.  Enjoy!

Café Kitsuné 1st Arrondissement
Jardin du Palais Royal
51 Galerie de Montpensier

 01 40 15 62 31

Monday-Sunday 10am - 6pm


  1. Ha! When I went here, I also entered through the back door but they were nice about it. Sounds like this is a common occurrence. I loved it here! It was so nice to sit outside and drink my delicious matcha latte by the Palais Royale :).

    1. Oh yes! It's so nice and relaxing! And honestly, I think you're missing out if you don't enter through the back door ;)