October Highlights

I know we're already a few days into November, but at least it's not weeks- so I wanted to share my October highlights with you.  They're mostly people related.  We had so many visitors this month and it made my heart sing.

First off, one of my closest friends from college came with her posse and we did all the big touristy things together- including seeing the eiffel tower light up at night (first time for all of us except W).

I discovered online grocery shopping.

It's fall. Heart eyes.

Then a couple we were close to in Cambridge made a special trip to Paris and brought our children gifts and fed us yummy food.  Sooooo cherished. Almost cried when they left.  (I haven't really cried since leaving the US...I feel like I'm storing up all the emotions and they're going to come gushing out one of these days.  But maybe not).

Picnics in the park with a couple we've met in the church. My love for picnics has grown exponentially since hanging out with them.

I bought a pretty "set" of dishes for 5 euros at a charity shop that I intend to frequent (weird numbers...6 saucers, only 1 teacup).

Our sweet Maddie came to visit us!  And we did more touristy stuff!

And the gardens.  



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