Coffee in Paris: Dose Batignolles

We've been enjoying exploring coffee shops whenever we get the chance.  Also.  I was so wrong about the coffee in Paris.  When we first arrived, we would go to a boulangerie to get our bread/croissants and I would also want a coffee.  But the coffee at the boulangerie usually comes out of a machine that spits out a little cup and dispenses some kind of coffee-like sludge into it #coffeesnobmoment. I thought, "This is what my life has become." Little did I know, Paris actually has a bunch of cute, eclectic coffee shops, serving up some really nice, locally roasted coffees. Yay! So I'm excited to share them with you.  Unfortunately, I've been having some wifi issues with uploading, so I've only been taking pictures with my iPhone. Is that ok? ok.

So Dose.  Cute. Eclectic. A number of coffee shops in Paris are also really into juicing.  And this one has a to-go window.  There's a Brocante (or antique) shop right next door- though I didn't see any hours listed.  There's also a nice looking park right across the street that I would have loved to stroll through, but it was closed because of the wind?..for the safety of the public. So instead, after we had our coffee and juice, we went to the nearby children's toy store. It was a fun family outing.

à bienôt,


DOSE BATIGNOLLES Hours- 17th Arrondissement

Tuesday-Friday 8am-6pm
Sat/Sun 9am-7pm

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