Coffee in Paris: Coutume

You'll find Coutume coffee in many 3rd wave coffee shops in Paris.  They seem to be as prolific in the city as maybe GEORGE HOWELL or GRACENOTE in Boston.

You can walk from Coutume to the Eiffel Tower in less than 30 minutes- that's what we did when our friends from the states came into town. In college, I would wake up at 4:30am and open a coffee shop with my sweet friend pictured above. We have a long history of enjoying coffee together. Unfortunately, we arrived at Coutume about 5 minutes before the shop closed, and had to enjoy our coffee outside (made for a good photo though). 

Now with the time change, you could arrive at Coutume about an hour before they close, enjoy a 30 minute chat with your friend, and then walk over to the eiffel tower to enjoy the twinkling lights.  Grab a crepe on the way home and call it a {perfect} night.



CAFE COUTUME 7th Arrondissement

8:30am- 5:30pm
Sat/Sun 9am- 6pm

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