Trip to Philly: Day 1

We took a trip to Philadelphia about three weeks ago...I'm really bad at documenting life as it happens. We mostly ate our way around the city and stopped at a few touristy places along the way.  We decided to go on a diet as soon as we got back home.  We're kind of sticking to our guns...ok. Not really.

Our first stop was of course for coffee.  We checked out this place called Function Coffee Labs.  Sorry to say my coffee tasted like it was from Starbucks :/ I had to add cream. Which I don't do...unless I'm at Starbucks.  I know.  I'm a snob.  Whatevs.  They also didn't have any pastries.  Just some packaged cookies.  We bought them.

We decided to go for brunch nearby at Green Eggs Cafe. The waiting staff was super friendly and they had built in entertainment for little ones (aka sugar cubes). Their french toast was amaaaaazing!  We also got chicken and waffles for kicks, but if I were to go again I would just go for different variations of their french toast. We got the apple pie french toast, but the cookie dough and creme brûlée french toasts also sounded quite appealing.

After brunch we popped over to Philadelphia's wild exhibit called the Philadelphia Magic Gardens. It's an outdoor mosaic you can walk through.  Warning: there's a notable amount of nudity in the art.

We drove downtown with the intention of looking at the liberty bell and just walking around, but the toddler ended up taking a 2 1/2 hour nap in the car.  So we just drove around. Parked. Talked.  And then got a croissant at La Colombe. Let the toddler run around outside...near the liberty bell. And then met up with our friend for dinner at Parc Brasserie (so French and delightful- I didn't take any pictures, but you must go).

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