IOWA: Part 1

I had a difficult time going through all 500+ photos and picking out just a few to post here. Sorry there are so many pictures of the same corn field (but not sorry enough to delete any of them). I took these pictures at my cousin Chanda's newly purchased home. I thought it was so charming.  It came complete with apple trees, a pear tree, a cherry tree, a trellis covered in grapevines, and this big red barn that my cousin and her husband have decided to renovate before the house ;) (which I think is cool). The baby goats belong to my cousin Jeremy- he dropped them off for Chanda and her husband to babysit over the weekend.

I love summertime. When I think of summertime, I reminisce of Iowa, these two kids, fire works, crash derbies, lightening bugs, playing in the creek (pronounced "crick),  lots of sweet corn, and wishing the summer would never ever end...

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