Ice Cream in Paris

Let me tell you about the best ice cream I've had in Paris.  But before that let me tell you that I'm trying to act like a "real blogger" by watermarking my photos.  You have no idea how old and inept doing such a simple task made me feel.  I searched youtube for "how to turn text into a photoshop brush," and was taught by a boy who sounded no older than 8 how to accomplish said searched thing. So here they are!  My horribly watermarked pictures! haha!

The Best Butter Croissant

Today I went out with my kiddos and my camera in search of the bakery that supposedly has the best butter croissants in Paris.

Madeleine & Render

Nothing prompts a blogger to go back and finally make a post about those beloved Boston coffee shops like running out of space on her external hard drive.  Out with the old and in with the new!